a CGI enthusiast who still likes lame horror movies.

Hi !

I currently work as Pipeline R&D at InEfecto Atlantis Studio in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain on 'Tara Ducan' animated serie project.

What I know.

Computer Graphics

- Python scripting for Maya, Nuke, Shotgun and Motion Builder.
- Realtime (Unreal, Unity) and precalc render engines (Redshift, V-Ray, RenderMan, 3Delight), render wrangling (Deadline).
- Data acquisition (mocap, scan), algorithmic image processing and machine learning.
- Practical use of Blender, Unity, Maya, Unreal Engine, Houdini, Nuke and others.

Computer Science

- C/C++/C#, Python & Java development, design patterns.
- Linux environment, git, CI/CD.
- Database design and management.
- Low-level OS & assembly understanding.

more skills in the "About" section