a CGI majoring IT Master student.

Hi !

I'm an IT student currently enrolled in a Master degree at Université de Bordeaux, France. Growing interest toward computer generated imagery for the past ten years, it became a major and now aims to be a career as I expect to graduate in 2020.

What I know.

Computer Graphics

- Advanced methods for CGI, acquisition & procedural generation.
- Algorithmic image processing & machine learning.
- Self taught use of Blender, Unity, Maya, Houdini and various related software.

Computer Science

- C/C++/C#, Python & Java development, design patterns.
- Database design and management.
- Low-level OS & assembly understanding.
- Linux environment.

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What I've done so far.

Procedural generation of planets

University project, 4 students for 4 months. Aimed to procedurally generate planets and display them in an interactive UI. Developed from scratch in C++.

Medical scans segmentation scripting

2 weeks summer internship. Aviso3D software use and scripting for 3D scans automatic segmentation.

Environment map importance sampling with optimal transport in Disney "BRDF Explorer"

End-of-studies project, 4 students for 3 months full time. We developed a new feature for Disney's open source software "BRDF Explorer". It involved advanced maths and physics concepts.

more works in the "About" section